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If you are planning to buy in bulk for your retail store, boutique, hair salon or similar, we want to give you a special price to help you grow your business.

Fill the form below with your information and we will notify if you are approved. We will contact you via phone or email, please make sure you are writing the correct information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why apply to get special wholesale price?
We want to know about you and your business, because our purpose is not just sale, is to create a community of hair lovers that will grow and in the future we will be able to offer even more rewarding your love for our products.
Do I have to pay a membership?
No, you just need to apply and if you are approved you will access through “My Account” in the top menu and then shop with your special prices.
How long it will take to receive my products?
Depending on your location you will receive your products in the next 2-4 business days, all will depend of the quantity. We could contact you if we need to discuss the shipping time.
To where do you ship?
We ship to all US. In case you are out of United States, you can always apply, and we will contact you to discuss the method of shipment and costs.